dancers grouped around a lamppost

California Rhythm Project was founded in 1996 by Pam Thompson-Spinner, protégé of the legendary Eddie Brown. Her primary goal was to teach and preserve the choreography of the great rhythm tap masters so that succeeding generations of tappers could continue to build on this amazing tradition, ultimately fulfilling the company vision. . .

“Pass it on, take it further.”

In its infancy, this small group of dancers commissioned choreography by Fred Strickler, Lynn Dally, Keith Terry, Chance Taylor, Louis DaPron, and Jeannie Hill. Later, as the company developed, it sponsored master classes with Dianne Walker, Arthur Duncan, Jason Rogers and Cartier Williams.

Since 2012, the company has been under the direction of Nancy Boskin-Mullen. With Thompson-Spinner's continuing support as Artistic Advisor, the company continues its work of preserving and sharing technique and choreography of current and past tap masters while also performing pieces in other rhythmic dance forms that celebrate human creative expression.